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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs
An assortment of purebred pooches for your computer.

1.5MB, Win95 or greater
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Dogs, Dogs, Dogs Screen Saver

Xitable Poms
9 different photos of Xitable Poms' Pomeranian show dogs.

1.5MB, Win95 or greater
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Xitable Poms Screen Saver
(from ShowPom.com)

Black Pomeranians float around the screen.

592KB, Win95 or greater
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Show Pom Logo Screen Saver
(from ShowPom.com)

Zoo Animals
8 full color images including baboons, elephant & zebra.

1.8MB, Win95 or greater
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Zoo Animals Screen Saver

Links to More Animal Screen Savers

Changing pictures of different kinds of gorillas.
Created by Screensaver Japan, Inc..

Various pictures of kittens.
Created by GWiz Screensavers.

Not your average fish screensaver...
Created by Australian Fishing Shop.

Aquarium Life
Tumbling blocks put together then take apart pictures of undersea life.
Created by T & P SC.

Floating pictures of various snakes.
Created by BJ Free Screensavers.

Baby Animals
Changing pictures of various cute baby animals.
Created by Screensaver Shot.com.

Birds of Paradise
Floating pictures of tropical birds.
Created by BJ Free Screensavers.

American Bald Eagle
Images of bald eagles superimposed over American scenery.
Created by Hope Rutledge.

Changing pictures of foxes.
Created by Belman's Screensavers.

More Foxes
Floating pictures of foxes all over the screen.
Created by *Reb*.

Changing pictures of butterflies.
Created by Desktop Goodies.com.

Virtual aquarium with 3D tropical fish that randomly animate on selectable backgrounds.
Created by Ptm Communications Ltd

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